Stages of Tooth Decay

There are few things more dreaded than tooth decay. When a tooth goes bad, it often spells a trip to the dentist, not to mention a whole lot of pain, a big bill, and a permanent blight to your physical appearance that will be extremely difficult to reverse. Then there’s the simple fact that this serves as a very clear reminder of our mortality. Teeth go bad and fall out, and we can never replace them naturally. Below are some tooth decay stages.

Tooth Decay Stages at Omaha Dentists

Fortunately, if you spot the signs of tooth decay early, you can stop it in its tracks. Here are the stages of tooth decay you need to look out for.

White Spots

The first sign that a tooth is decaying is the appearance of chalky white areas on the surface. This is due to a lack of calcium.

Enamel Decay

This then leads into the breakup of the enamel that of course being the shiny and resistant coating on the top of the tooth. Natural remineralization does not occur and so you begin to see a lesion forming underneath.

Dentin Decay

Next the dentin begins to decay. This is the more tender area beneath the enamel and thus this is also when the tooth begins to hurt.

Involvement of the Pulp

This is the center of the tooth and the living tissue. Once this area is affected, the damage will be irreversible. It can cause pain and eventually it can kill the nerve – root canal therapy is likely the necessary next step.


An abscess is the last sign of tooth decay and the worst. This is when the decay reaches the tip of the root, where it connects with the bones. This can lead to swelling and slurred speech.

Tooth Loss

At this point, the only recourse left available is to completely remove the tooth.

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