Preventative Dentistry

Preventative Dentistry


Welcome to Regency Dental, where your oral health is our top priority. With state-of-the-art technology, we strive to ensure the highest-quality care for each patient. Led by the expert hands of Dr. Dan Ellingson and Dr. Kenneth Spanel, you can get preventative dental care at our office. Preventative dentistry in Omaha, Nebraska, is essential to your oral care routine and should not be taken for granted. With years of experience and a deep commitment to preventative dentistry, we pride ourselves on helping you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile for life.

Preventative Dentistry omaha ne

What is Preventative Dentistry?

Preventative dentistry focuses on maintaining optimal oral health through regular care and proactive measures. Unlike reactive dental care, which addresses issues as they arise, preventative dentistry in Omaha, NE, aims to prevent these problems from occurring in the first place. This approach involves routine dental check-ups, professional cleanings, and patient education to ensure you remain cavity-free and your gums stay healthy.

The Benefits of Preventative Dentistry

Regular dental check-ups allow for the early detection of potential problems such as cavities, gum disease, or oral cancer. Catching these issues early can save you from more extensive and costly treatments down the line.

Your oral health is closely linked to your overall health. Conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory issues can be exacerbated by poor oral health. By maintaining good dental hygiene, you are also taking a significant step towards better overall health.

Preventative care can save you money. You can manage dental costs by avoiding complex and expensive treatments through regular maintenance.

If you or a family member requires restorative dental procedures, such as crowns, bridges, or dental implants, our experienced team is here to provide effective and lasting solutions. We prioritize restoring the function and aesthetics of your smile.

Preventative dentistry provides the opportunity for personalized education on proper brushing techniques, flossing, and dietary choices that can impact your oral health. Knowledge is power, and our team is here to empower you with the information you need to maintain a healthy smile.

Preventative Dental Services We Offer

At Regency Dental, we offer a comprehensive range of preventative dental services to meet your unique needs:

  • Dental Exams: Regular exams conducted by our skilled dental professionals help detect potential issues early on, allowing for timely intervention and preserving your oral health.
  • Professional Cleanings: Our experienced hygienists meticulously remove plaque and tartar build-up from your teeth, ensuring they remain clean, healthy, and disease-free.
  • Diagnostic X-rays: Utilizing advanced technology, our diagnostic X-rays provide a detailed and comprehensive view of your teeth and jaw, enabling us to identify any hidden dental issues that may require attention.
  • Fluoride Treatments: Our fluoride treatments are specifically designed to strengthen teeth and prevent decay, offering added protection and resilience. This is particularly beneficial for children as they develop and grow.
  • Oral Cancer Screenings: Early detection is key in the fight against oral cancer, which is why we conduct thorough screenings to detect any signs or symptoms, safeguarding your health and well-being.
  • Custom Mouthguards: Whether you’re an athlete needing protection during sports activities or experiencing issues with teeth grinding, our custom-fitted mouthguards provide the necessary support and safeguarding for your dental health.
  • Patient Education: Regency Dental believes in empowering our patients with the knowledge and guidance they need to maintain optimal oral health. Through comprehensive patient education, we provide valuable insights and advice on proper dental care techniques and healthy habits to support your ongoing oral hygiene efforts.

Preventative Dentistry in Omaha, NE

Regency Dental’s mission is to provide you with the highest quality preventative dental care in Omaha, NE. Dr. Dan Ellingson, Dr. Kenneth Spanel, and our dedicated team are here to help you achieve and maintain a healthy, radiant smile. Don’t wait until problems arise—take charge of your oral health today. Schedule your next dental check-up and cleaning with our dental team today