Facts About Your Tongue You Didn’t Know

If you think that you know your tongue well, it might be time to think again! It’s one of the most fascinating parts of the body. In addition, it’s likely that there are still facts about your tongue that you didn’t know.

Facts About Your Tongue You Didn’t Know

Here are a few fascinating facts about the tongue that you might not have known about before now. Plus, why you might want to book an appointment with an Omaha dentist today.

The Tongue Extends Further Than You Think

One of the most common misconceptions about the tongue is that it comes to a stop in the mouth. The truth is it extends well into the rest of the throat. To clarify, it’s a considerably longer part of the body than most people would imagine.

The Tongue is One of the Most Sensitive Parts of the Body

If you’ve ever felt the need to taste something first, don’t worry about it. There’s very good reason for this instinct! The tongue contains a lot of nerve endings for a small area of the body. Consequently, people are able to feel more with the tips of their tongues than the ends of their fingers.

While this doesn’t mean you should start feeling things with your tongue instead of your hands, it’s one reason why threading a needle is easier when using your tongue.

Taste Changes Throughout Your Lifetime

Your sense of taste isn’t the same when you are born as when you are older. Children and younger adults will respond much differently to certain tastes than anyone past 30 years old. This is simply because your tastebuds start with millions of active tastebuds that eventually go through usual “wear and tear” through your lifetime.

Children have tastebuds that are far better developed than those of adults. That’s why some kids can be seen as “fussy” or “difficult” eaters – or seem to get used to certain pungent tastes and smells that don’t seem so noticeable or strong to the adults around.

Not Everyone Can Turn Their Tongue

Most people reading this have a tongue, but what is it, really? The tongue is a collection of both muscles and nerve-endings – and even though everyone has the same muscles and nerves in their tongues, not everyone can use them in the same way.

Many people can turn or twist their tongue in interesting ways: Their siblings or parents usually can’t do the same, even though we all have more or less the same types of muscle attaching the tongue to everything else.

It’s like how some people are able to turn their ears: Not everyone develops the ability to use the muscles in this way (but most can, with practice).

The Tongue is Part of Overall Oral Health

The tongue is just as important to your health as your teeth are – and the tongue can sometimes take the same type of doctor to diagnose and treat any conditions that might be related to it. You’d be surprised to find out just how much your tongue means to your health as a whole: See your dentist anything seems to be affecting your tongue and it might tell you something important about the rest of your health.

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