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Don’t Use Your Teeth to Open Things
Industry News, Omaha Dentist | Jun 21, 2022

Don’t Use Your Teeth to Open Things

Something we have all been guilty of doing, perhaps still guilty of, is opening things with our teeth. Most of us do it because we are impatient and prefer to quickly use our teeth instead of grabbing a pair of scissors to open up the tough packaging. While opening things with your teeth is convenient and effective, it is the last thing that anyone should do as it is not good for the health and strength of our teeth. What may seem something small, can bring on bigger problems later on.

Don’t Use Your Teeth to Open Things

Putting unnecessary force on your teeth is not a good idea for their strength. Using your teeth as a bottle opener can chip or crack teeth and allow for other issues to arise. Even something as simple as eating nuts should be done in moderation due to the amount of force used to bite them open.

Opening Glass Bottle Caps with Your Teeth

Yes, it is impressive if you can take the metal lid off of a glass bottle, however it is extremely harmful to your teeth. Not to mention, there is a risk that the glass breaks if a specific angle and force are used. If this happens, you could incur some serious damage to the inside and outside of your mouth.

There is also the risk of the hard metal lid causing a broken or chipped tooth, which would result in an emergency trip to the dentist’s office. Sometimes the lid may even get stuck in between two teeth which would unnaturally cause your teeth to become loose as they are forced apart.

Lastly, the sharpness from the rim of the metal lid could also cause damage to your lips and inside the mouth, cutting open the area.

Tearing Packages Open with Your Teeth

Similar to the previous scenario, if you are using your teeth to open a package, there is the risk of sustaining damage to your teeth. It is more likely that you will get a part of the package stuck between two teeth because of the thinner board and harder plastics that are able to find their way into the gaps between teeth a lot easier.

Don’t be fooled by plastic and cardboard packaging either. Both types of packaging can also crack your teeth under the right circumstances. Tearing a package open with your teeth also involves using the force of your head by pulling with the neck. This is unnecessary tension that can lead to people dislocating their jaws due to the amount of force used.

Some Food Items Can Also Be Harmful

It is not just bottles and packaging that can cause tooth damage. Certain types of foods can also cause your teeth problems. When it comes to hard candy and nuts, it is important to be careful or avoid them altogether, because of the force required to bite them. When possible, enjoy these types of foods in moderation. Sometimes candies and nuts can also get stuck in between your teeth and go unnoticed.

If you have eaten something that you think may have damaged your teeth, schedule an appointment and consult with a local dental professional to see if there is a chance for any further damage.

Weaker Teeth Are Vulnerable

If you have any weak teeth already, adding the extra force to rip open something is going to make the situation worse. Instead of allowing the weaker teeth to heal, the force will cause further damage and may require professional treatment to fix the situation. Not only are weaker teeth at risk, but cuts to the gums and inside of the mouth with foreign objects can also cause bleeding. If untreated, open wounds in your mouth may lead to infection.

Additional Information: 6 Habits That Harm Your Teeth (And How to Break Them) – American Dental Association (ADA)

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