Coffee Problems To Teeth

There is nothing quite like a warm cup of coffee in the morning. It is likely one of the first things that you drink when you get up in the morning. What many people do not give a lot of thought about when they are enjoying that morning cup of joe is exactly how it is affecting their dental health. Here are some of the dental issues that drinking coffee can cause to your teeth and what you can do to avoid them.

Coffee: Problems it can Cause to your Teeth


If you have ever spilled coffee on your clothing you already know that it stains. Not only does coffee stain where it is spilled, it also can stain your teeth. There are ridges in each of your teeth and when you drink and eat these ridges hold onto particles. That means that a drink like coffee can embed itself into the enamel and cause the teeth to become yellow. Some of the ways to minimize the staining that is caused by coffee is to not sip on a cup of coffee all day. Instead, drink it at specific times. When you are done with your coffee, rinse your mouth out with some water.

Bad Breath

Coffee can also cause a person to develop bad breath. The reason for this is because the beverage will stick to the tongue. Using a tongue scraper and brushing your teeth after drinking a cup of coffee can help you avoid this.

Dries out your Mouth

Since coffee is a drink you may be wondering how it could possibly dry out your mouth. However, coffee can inhibit the production of saliva. When there is not enough saliva being produced it can be hard to keep your mouth clean and naturally balanced. If you are not ready to give up your coffee, make sure that you are taking good care of your teeth by brushing and flossing regularly as this can help you avoid the damage that coffee can do to your teeth.

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