Best Tool for Flossing

There are numerous gadgets on the market that will provide a deep cleaning between your teeth. With everything available it can be difficult to determine whether a traditional flossing tool is enough to truly get your teeth cleaned. There are pros and cons of the different flossing tools available.

Flossing is extremely important when it comes to taking care of your gums and teeth. Unfortunately, most people do not heed the advice given by their dentists and leave this part of their oral care out of their daily routine. Flossing should be done at least once each day and is important for preventing the loss of teeth and developing gum disease. Here are some of the best tools for flossing.

Best Tool for Flossing

Standard Floss

Standard floss is available in both waxed and unwaxed forms. Waxed floss will glide more readily between the teeth and is softer on the gum-line. Unwaxed floss is better for getting out those fine particles of debris and also works better on teeth that are crowded. If you have uneven surfaces in your mouth, the floss may shred. Waxed floss will hold together better, but still may become snared. Snaring may injure the gums and can cause bleeding and discomfort.

Interdental Cleaners

There are some people who struggle with using regular dental floss. For these individuals a pre-threaded floss or a dental floss pick are good alternatives. These tools can make flossing daily much less of a hassle. Crowding and spacing of teeth can still make it difficult to reach some angles with these flossing tools. If you suffer from these issues, talk to your dentist about what the best flossing tool for you may be.

Floss-Tip Toothbrushes

There are also floss tip toothbrushes available. These toothbrushes can reach deeper in between the teeth and along the gum-line. Using this type of toothbrush can help to reduce plaque that builds up on the teeth. However, if you are using a floss tip toothbrush it is still important to use floss at least once a day. These toothbrushes do provide a deeper cleaning for your teeth, but flossing in conjunction with their use is still recommended for the best overall oral care.

When it comes down to it, flossing is extremely important and a step that you should not skip when it comes to your overall oral health. Choose the flossing product that is right for you and make sure to use it at least once per day.

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