Teeth Falling Out in Your Dream Meaning

Dental dreams are one of the most common types of dreams that people experience. Most people can say that they have had a mysterious, weird, or disturbing dream that involves teeth falling out. Dreams are a subjective interpretation of the subconscious mind. Almost every dream that you have could mean something to what your brain is thinking about when it goes to sleep and conjures up the next set of dreams. Have you had recurring dreams or nightmares about your teeth falling out? Here’s the deeper meaning behind some of the weird, yet common dreams about teeth that almost everyone gets.

Teeth Falling Out in Your Dream Meaning

Dreams About Loss

Loss is one of the most common topics for people to dream about. Loss can be traumatic – and trauma has a way of playing itself out in our dreams, when the brain fires off neurons to try and process what might have happened (or what we fear could).

A dream about losing teeth can be mild or graphic. However, it generally has the same meaning: that we have lost something that felt like it was part of ourselves, or that we fear this potential loss in the future.

The best way to deal with this type of dream is to assess what might be causing it and deal with this head-on.

Dreams About Health

Health and any health-related fears can be a very common trigger for the typical teeth dream. Our teeth are a very visible way in which we tend to think about our health every day.

A dream about losing your teeth or seeing a dentist isn’t an indication that something is wrong with you. All this type of dream generally means is that you might be afraid that something could happen to you in the near future.

If it helps you to feel better, see a doctor anyway just so you can get the all-clear on your health. The best way to deal with these types of dreams is to seek some outside reassurance.

Dreams About the Future

If you are scared or anxious about anything that might take place in the future, dreams about teeth or dentists are also common. The future is unsure, and it’s not something that we can always predict the outcome of.

When the conscious brain has a point to have stress and anxiety about, the subconscious brain will almost automatically find a symbolic way to play this out in your dreams.

Should you happen to have this kind of dream about your dental health, seek resources that will help you deal with the event you might be afraid of.

Dreams About Deeper Fears

Fear is one of the first things that tends to manifest in dreams, especially if there is something specific that you might be afraid of in real life. The thing that manifests fear isn’t always dental-specific. However, the mind chooses teeth because it’s one of the body parts we’re almost always aware of (and sometimes, afraid of losing).

Find the object of your fear, and seek help to deal with the root issue first if you want to move on from this kind of dental-related dream.

Dreams About Related Things

In some cases, the dream might have something to do with teeth – or a recent dental issue that you might have been facing. Do you have a dental appointment and you have a general fear of dentists? Well, then the dream is just the outright manifestation of a deeper fear that comes to light in your dreams.

A possible way to deal with these dreams is to seek counseling where you can discuss your fears with a professional. Once this is dealt with, the fear becomes less and the dreams tend to taper away.

Additional Information: Anxiety and Sleep – Sleep Foundation

How to Deal with Common Nightmares & Teeth Dreams

A teeth falling out dream or nightmares can become recurring at their worst, and then be something that starts to bother your brain at least once a week or more. If your dreams have reached this point, then one of the best ways to get the nightmares to cease is a simple dream journal.

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