Ways to Prevent a Dental Emergency

Not all of us are fans of the trip to the dentist, especially if it’s for a dental emergency. That is why it is important to take these steps to prevent any damage that can cause issues to your teeth.

Ways to Prevent a Dental Emergency

Don’t Take Any Symptoms Too Lightly

If you are experiencing anything unusual with your teeth, cheeks, or gums that is causing discomfort or pain, do not ignore it even if it disappears. This is usually a sign that something may be wrong. Therefore, you should call your dentist to explain any changes or issues. Your dentist may advise you on ways to fix the issue before it becomes a larger problem.

Brush Your Teeth!

Maintaining good oral hygiene is vital for the health of your teeth and gums. Bacteria can build up in the mouth quickly and cause gum diseases or tooth decay if it is not attended to. The best way to save yourself from unwanted emergency trips to the dentist’s office is by brushing and flossing your teeth regularly.

Mouth Protection

If you are involved in sports, wearing a mouth guard is the best way to protect your teeth from any damage that may be caused due to impact. The material used to make mouth guards has been designed to absorb this impact in contact sports, taking the pressure off of the teeth and avoiding cracked teeth or cuts in the mouth.

Watch What You Eat

What you eat and drink is also a large contributor to the health of your teeth and gums. Sweets and starchy foods are bad for the teeth. Beverages such as coffee, soda, and alcohol are bad for your teeth as well. Therefore, you should either avoid these foods/beverages or consume them sparingly to minimize the damage they can cause.

Foods that easily get trapped between the teeth, like popcorn kernels can cause build-up in the teeth and create discomfort if not removed. Foods that are harder to bite can cause damage to the teeth as well. Avoid any type of food that forces you to chew with an excessive amount of force.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

As much as some of us may not enjoy it, it is important that you visit your dentist at least twice a year for teeth cleaning and a dental examination. Sometimes you may not be able to pick up on any issues on your own. By seeing a dental professional for a check-up, you will be able to resolve any problems before they require emergency dental care.

Your dentist is also able to clean the material that we cannot always get out with a toothbrush or dental floss. This will help to reduce the build-up before any gum diseases or cavities arise. If you fail to visit the dentist altogether, you put yourself at an increased risk of cavities and gum diseases. Your local dentist can provide you with preventative measures as well as recommendations for vitamins to help with the overall health of your teeth and mouth.

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